Dance schools in sydney

There are several hip hop dance schools in Sydney. The best one that I’ve found is dance kool. Here’s a video of the instructors performing: There’s also a dance society called D2MG at UNSW, my university, though I can’t find their website. There was some deals on this sydney deals site for dance schools too.


asian clubs in sydney

There are so many asian clubs in the Sydney scene it makes me question sometimes whether, I am actually in a western country, or I am back in living in Beijing. Just walking through downtown Sydney, you’ll probably see more Asians than westerners. Regarding clubs here is a list of my top 4: 1. Zaia …

Cool and Useful Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one category of eye wear which serves two purposes for me. I look cool, trendy and all those other fashionable terms. They also provide protection to my eyes from the bright sun light as well as Ultra Violet rays. Sun glasses are wearable and suitable for both genders without any need for change …


sydney daily deals and discounts on events

So I was looking around for discounts on entertainment in Sydney, and my friend told me about this cool daily deals site with discounts on activities and events. I used to use scoopon, and cudo, but deals extra has got all the sydney daily deals on one page. They also have a uk deals …